Issue 145 Spring 2022

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In this issue

From a Dartmoor Hill Farm
Anton Coaker’s ‘state of the nation’
Challacombe Farm
Spring on the farm – and upcoming changes Mark Owen
Random Badger
Dartmoor walks for HM Armed Forces Veterans ‘Badger’
Chinkwell Tor
Photographer Jason Way celebrates his favourite tor
Dartmoor Dog Days
Sheep worrying – and how to prevent it Julia Wherrell
A Dartmoor Business
Holiday parks Chrissy Harris
Moor Flowers
What to look for in a Dartmoor spring Sue Goodfellow
Ecological Landscaping Part 1
Rewilding your garden Andy McConnachie
Understanding the Dartmoor Landscape
Mapping Dartmoor from 1240 to 1765 Richard Horsham
The Birds of Dartmoor's Wooded Valleys
The Woodland Trust Kate Duggan
Wildlife Sketchbook
John Walters
Family Dartmoor
Rewilding the family through the seasons Antje Derks
Delamore Arts
Twentieth anniversary exhibition in Cornwood Laura Joint
The Sculpture School
Kari McGowan travels to Bondleigh
Early Dartmoor Films
Part One 1898–1913 Chris Walpole
Dartmoor Discovered
Mimetoliths – Faces in the Rock Tim Jenkinson
Walk and Eat
Manaton Rocks and Neadon Cleave Sue Viccars visits the Kestor Inn at Water
Moor Pursuits
Outdoor skills for families Anna Baness
Walking on Dartmoor
Challacombe Down: medieval farming and tinworking Deborah Martin
Meet the Dartmoor Volunteers
Museum of Dartmoor Life, Okehampton Kristy Turner
Moorland Guides
Celebrate ten years Simon Dell, Director
Moor Food and Drink
Fresh Flour, Buckfastleigh Lori M. Reich
A Dartmoor Photographer
Gary Holpin

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